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6th of August 2016 2-4pm

Cooking scratch doesn’t need to be hard. It just takes a bit of planning. And with more and more awareness of how things like bone broth help our immunity, wellbeing and gut health, it’s a great way to learn!

Join Dr Verena Raschke-Cheema and learn how to make wholefood staples from scratch in an easy, no fuss way. Introducing these elements to your pantry will pave the way for happy guts, healthy energy levels and overall wellbeing. The class will include learning how to make wholefood chicken stock, beef bone broth, ghee, salad dressing and various condiments such as dukkah and gomasio.

As well as this, you will learn how to incorporate different spices and their medicinal properties into meals.

PLEASE BRING a sterilised jar to take home one of your favourite whole food tonics. (Just boil a jar in water for 5 mins) Please note this class is a demonstration class, with interactive participation and tasting included.

Bookings are available with WILD RUMPUS


Book your next workshop with Dr Verena:

Dr. Verena is available for workshops and public speaking engagements on a variety of nutrition topics with audiences large and small.  Each presentation can include comprehensive coverage of the scientific evidence as well as practical information that the audience can use to improve health and well-being.  The content will be delivered in engaging and easy to understand terms.  Dr. Verena’s approach is holistic, practical, and inspiring, with an emphasis on empowering the individual to become more health conscious and supportive of their own transformation.

Topics can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Traditional Weaning Foods – Laying a healthy foundation
  • Nourishing and Healing, Traditional Whole Foods for Toddlers and Children – Planting the seed for a healthy digestion and strong immunity
  • Post and pre-natal Nutrition: Optimal nourishment for mother and baby
  • Exercise and nutrition: The pillars of well-being (shared lecture with Dr. Bobby Cheema)
  • Exercise and nutrition for weight management and chronic disease prevention: How to stay lean, fit and healthy for life (shared lecture with Dr. Bobby Cheema)

Fees for lectures are negotiable, depending on the time required to research and prepare the material.  Please contact Dr. Verena via email for further information.


Nourishing and Healing Traditional Whole Foods for Toddlers WORKSHOP

13th of July 2015

“I really enjoyed increasing my knowledge about the best, nutritional foods to offer my toddler, in a relaxed informal style. Dr. Verena presented us with a comprehensive and creative list of meal and snack ideas, which is a fantastic go-to list, as well as some easy, tasty recipes. Plus useful information about which foods are best avoided or minimalised, and why. I found it inspiring to learn some new food combinations and key foods for enriching meals. Dr. Verena’s expert understanding of nutrition and experience as a mother is very supportive in helping to integrate these good foods into children’s diet.” Prue Keenan