More and more people suffer from fatigue, vascular disease, allergies, chronic indigestion, neck and back tension, menstrual problems, muscular pain, spasms, cramps, dizziness, pulsating headaches, nervous system disorders, insomnia and emotional problems such as anger, frustration, depression, moodiness, to mention a few. A stagnant liver is a major contributing factor to those symptoms and disease. Additionally, a weak liver may weaken the kidneys and contribute to digestive problems (spleen/pancreas and stomach). It also influences iron and vitamin B12 absorption adversely. The liver is perhaps the most congested organ in the modern person. Too much stress, rich and greasy foods, late heavy heals, alcohol, fat, oils, meat, dairy, eggs, chemicals, intoxicants, and denatured food all interfere with the numerous biomedical processes of the liver. They lead to the liver becoming stagnant and overheated which effects the energy flow, leading to a myriad of physical and emotional problems.

The liver also purifies the blood. If the liver is stagnant the blood purification may be inadequate, leading to the release of toxins through the skin. Impure blood is a cause of acne, eczema, acidosis and allergies. In addition, toxic blood feeds all degenerative conditions such as cancer and arthritis. Also, the menstruation of the women is affected if the storage of blood malfunctions which can lead to an overabundant, irregular, scat or lacking menses. Another sign of such a liver blood deficiency can be anemia, general bodily dryness.

When the liver is consistently stagnant, sediment often settles out of the bile and forms accumulations that resemble stones or sand in the gallbladder. The gallbladder, a reservoir of bile, becomes less efficient when clogged with sediment and acute problems results when stones become lodges in the bile duct leading from the gallbladder to the duodenum (the first section of the small intestine).


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19 Responses to “A Congested Liver: The Root Cause of Many Symptoms & Disease”

  1. Betsy Dunn says:

    I would like your asssistance for my liver congestion.

  2. Michael says:

    I’m very interested with your knowledge, I am have a high level of understanding how the body and would like you’d to explain to me the best and fastest ways to oxygenate, alkalize and just make my body function in the greatest level possible. Balanced and in harmony.

  3. maxine matthews says:

    cpmgested ;iver face tongue eyes stomach swollen

  4. Diana Roby says:

    I feel quiezy or sicky and feel lethargic with headaches . It dosen’t seem to go away. Do I need a liver clense??.

  5. rob says:

    My wife developed lupus after gall bladder removal. Could this be from bile backup in liver….and stones? How do we treat this?….please……

  6. Carmen Arguelles says:

    My husband just had surgery for removal of a carcinoid tumor in the mesenteric, the Dr. explained that it was a metastasis from the 1 tumor removed 2 years ago and he said the liver appears to be congested, my question is the congestion could be caused by the carcinoid tumor? he had more than 20 years ago. hepatitis B that it become chronic and is there a way to restore or repair the liver Thanks Carmen

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  8. Amanda says:

    Green tea helps

  9. vinod kumar says:

    hi doctor. last few months. I feel pain in my both knee. pls suggest. wht I ill do

  10. vinod kumar says:

    hi doctor. I have stone. I. urine r tube. wht u suggest. sum times. pain

  11. Me says:

    For those interested in how to clean the liver, check out Andreas Moritz’s work (no I am not working for him). There are also other cleanses out there, but his 5-star book reviews on Amazon made me want to try his method.

  12. tracy says:

    Daily coffee enemas! Its must that everyone does these in our day and age. look them up on the net for all the amazing benefits. you can do them yourself at home, it is very inexspensive and the most effective way of cleaning the colon and liver, coffee enemas are even mentioned in the bible! I myself am curing myself of all sorts of ailments probably brought on by a congested liver.
    GO do it now!!

  13. Dia says:

    i think i have been suffering from liver related problems for some years now , but all doctors i have seen don’t think i have anything specially that my enzymes are normal , i would like to seek your assistance in this matter

  14. diane says:

    Diane asks: What is your field? Are you a doctor of chineese medicine?
    western medicine? PHD? I a trying to get my husband to look further into liver congestion as some of his symptoms fit the disease.

  15. Kevin says:

    No western conventional medicak test will detect z congested liver. Except yr biliburine could be on the high side. See a chinese doctor whi will look at yr pulse and tongue. I have many physical ailments related to congested liver but have wasted countless visits at hospitals with MD s who just dont understand functional medecine. If you want to know if you have congested liver order urine test from metametrix.com

  16. Bg Zubairu says:

    i as a student of health our lecturer make us to know more about congested liver that why i look by this website.

  17. Channing says:

    My dad had a congested liver and was in horrible pain. He would literally curl up in bed from the pain. Nothing we tried would help, so he went to the ER and the doctors scanned him but couldn’t figure out what was wrong so they just gave him a painkiller and sent him off. Later, my dad called an out-of-state naturopathic doctor who gave him an over-the-phone diagnosis and said he had a congested liver and gave him this recipe: every morning, squeeze 1/2 of a lemon into 1 cup of warm water and drink it whether you feel pain or not. It will cleanse and restore your liver.

  18. SunnyCo says:

    Great beginnings of an article that falls seriously short of giving people the needed information to resolve.

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