Holistic Nutrition Consultations


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In her Holistic Nutrition Consultations Dr Verena identifies the underlying root causes of dis-ease. Dr Verena takes an individualised approach towards every treatment.  This includes the use of constitutional analysis, identification of physiological as well as nutritional imbalances and the development of a personalized, nutritional treatment plan including constitutional recipes. The overall aim is to enable one to enhance and maintain health and well-being on all levels throughout the lifetime through a balanced diet based on living nutrients dense whole foods .

Initial Consultation (60 min plus) – face to face

Prior to your first appointment you will be asked to complete a client questionnaire form which will be emailed to you.

Once completed, return the form via email to Dr Verena at least 24 hours prior to the initial consultation.

During the initial consultation your questionnaire will be discussed.  Your medical history and family medical history will be reviewed, and your health and nutritional status, food habits, and individual constitution will be assessed.  Using this information, Dr Verena will clearly explain her analysis and develop and communicate a treatment plan for optimal health.  This includes advice on:

  • when, where, what and how much to eat

  • the use of medicinal, healing, nutrient dense whole foods

  • the use of proper food combining techniques

  • the maintenance of adequate and appropriate hydration

  • the maintenance of appropriate acid-base balance

  • the application of healthy eating habits for optimal digestion, assimilation, absorption and elimination

  • the use of natural herbal medicines, where necessary

  • the use of regular detoxification techniques

  • the application of necessary lifestyle adjustments involving the elimination of toxic stimuli and the incorporation of beneficial therapies and practices

Follow-up Consultation (60 min)

A follow-up consultation is highly recommended six to eight weeks following the initial consultation to identify potential barriers and enablers to ensure long lasting success.

Premium Online Consultation

Prior to your online consultation you will be asked to complete client questionnaire forms. These will be emailed to you.

Once completed, return the forms via email to Dr Verena.

Dr Verena will review your medical history and family medical history.  She will assess your health, imbalances and nutritional status, food habits and individual constitution based on the information provided in the questionnaires. Using this information, Dr Verena will develop and communicate a treatment plan for your optimal health.  This includes advice on all the topics, which are also included in a initial face to face consultation (see listing above).

It is optional to add a 50-minute telephone coaching session with Dr Verena to the Basic Premium Online Consultation to succeed despite time constraint and maintain your well-being.


Cancelation Policy

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please contact Dr Verena at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time or a cancellation fee may apply.