About Dr Verena

Doctor Verena Raschke-Cheema PhD, MSc. is a passiontate Doctor in Nutritional Sciences. She is a widely published author, University lecturer and researcher, educator and mother of two healthy boys.  Dr Verena holds a doctorate (PhD) and masters degree (MSc.) in the Nutritional Sciences from the University of Vienna, in Austria. Her work on ‘The Health Benefits of Traditional Food Habits’ as well as ‘The Colonial and Neocolonial forces underpinning the Nutrition Transition’ has been published in a book, leading international peer-reviewed journals, presented at major international conferences. Dr Verena has specialised and gained experiences in the field of Nutritional Sciences in Austria, Germany, Africa, New Zealand and Australia. She provides holistic nutrition consultations, combining evidence-based Nutritional Sciences from the West with some aspects of the ancient healing modalities from the East (Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine) to heal the root cause of disease and to ensure long lasting health and well-being. Additionally, Dr Verena offers workshops on various nutrition topics for toddlers, children, pregnant and lactating women and adults.


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